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Drinks & Cocktails

If you love having a cocktail or refreshment during your holidays, the Pool Bar, Al Bar or Bar Alfarroba are mandatory stops during your stay. In the evening, enjoy the fantastic view from the Al Gharb Rooftop Bar while sipping your favorite drink.

Jupiter Albufeira Hotel

Perfect at Sunset

With a panoramic sea view as the perfect backdrop and a glorious golden sunset that pretty much irradiates everything, we are in the presence of what may be considered a mandatory stop of Jupiter Albufeira Hotel – Family and Fun! Located on the 10th floor of Jupiter Albufeira Hotel, the AL GHARB BAR is the ideal place to enjoy a drink while the sun goes down.

Schedule: 7pm to 11:00pm


Jupiter Albufeira Hotel

Al Bar

Al BAR is located on the ground floor and extends to the outside, on an adjacent terrace where you can enjoy the view of the pool and the garden.  Is the ideal place to relax while enjoying a fantastic cocktail.

Schedule: 10am to 11:45pm


Jupiter Albufeira Hotel

Pool bar

The Pool Bar is located in the main pool of the hotel, it is the ideal place to have a refreshment, cocktails with and without alcohol and delicious ice creams.

Horário: 10h às 18h


Jupiter Albufeira Hotel


Self Service Bar next to Jupiter World where you can have a drink, snacks, sandwiches or fruit. 

Schedule: 11am to 6pm


Jupiter Albufeira Hotel

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